Emergency Medical Technician Course (EMT)

Emergency Medical Technician Course in Delhi

Duration : 6 Months

Course Name : Certification Course in Emergency Medical Technician

Offered from : Tata Institute of Social Sciences - School of Vocational Education

Eligibility : 12th pass (All stream students can apply)

Emergency Medical Technician provides emergency medical in situations like accidents, childbirth, slips and falls, heart attacks and gunshot wounds etc. In short, the times when someone requires immediate medical attention. Emergency Medical Technicians are trained to respond quickly in all the emergency situations. EMT course makes you capable of providing vital services as they care for and transport of the sick or injured to a medical facility as per the guidelines and medical protocols. Also during the transport of patients an EMT professional provide emergency service in the ambulance, if needed. Some of the paramedics are also trained for treatment of minor injuries under the supervision of physicians. He/she should also have good knowledge of all equipment like backboards which is used to immobilize patients before placing them on stretchers by securing them in the ambulance while transporting to a medical facility / trauma centre.

Emergency Medical Technician course is a short term course which is for all stream students. This course is offered from Tata Institute of Social Sciences - School of Vocational Education. After completing the course, students can get a better career options in healthcare sector.

Emergency Medical Technician can have following job opportunities :

  • Emergency wards of hospitals and clinics
  • Emergency Technician in Ambulance

Duties and responsibilities of Emergency Medical Technician :

  • Providing emergency medical service
  • Transporting patients safely
  • Providing first aid to patients
  • Accessing the condition of patient and determining the course of action

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