Dietitian Assistant Course in Delhi

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Recognised Para Medical Institute of National Skill Development Corporation Govt of India (Healthcare Sector Skill Council)

Dietitian Assistants are professionals who work under the supervision of a Dietitian to gather nutritional data, assess patient's nutritional needs and preparation of menus. Dietitian is a vital growing field of healthcare. In every physical activity, the human body requires energy and the amount of energy depends on the duration and the type of activity. It is an essential feature of all nutritional surveys. It utilizes a number of physical signs that are known to be associated with malnutrition and deficiency of vitamins and deficiency of vitamins and micronutrients. It plays a major role in protecting humans from diseases. In Health care field people suffering from certain disease such as Diabetics, Heart diseases, Obesity, etc, need to take extra care of their eating habits and the kind of food they eat. Depending on the nutrition needs of the patient, Dietitian Assistant assists the Dietitian in preparing their diet chart and maintaining records. Professionals working in this field are called as Dietitian Assistant or Nutritionists.

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